Herbst Gewinnspiel
Herbst Gewinnspiel Herbst Gewinnspiel

Win a sense of well-being!
Life can be so fruitastic!

Sun salutation, butterfly pose, lotus position – the names of the yoga positions alone will leave you purring with pleasure. Find your own personal yoga paradise on a trip to Portugal for two! At the Monchique Resort & Spa you will experience unforgettable days as you are initiated into the art of holistic exercises by professional coaches.

The juice extractor by Bosch is the perfect everyday companion for fans of fruity drinks. This practical appliance will instantly transform your kitchen into a juice stand, and power your healthy diet a sip at a time.

Healthy habits can make you feel good when you're out and about as well. Dole's smart Fruit Infuser Water Bottles will show you how. Thanks to their compartment for fruit slices, they turn water into an invigorating vitamin bomb. One of fifteen bottles could soon be keeping you refreshed all day long.

Simply answer the following question and, with a little luck, one of our feelgood prizes will soon have you feeling great. Fruitastic!

Dole Conditions of Entry

The promotion "Feel Fruitastic" is a competition initiated by Dole Europe GmbH, Stadtdeich 7, D-20097 Hamburg, Germany (Dole). It will take place between 2 September 2019 and 25 October 2019.

Anyone aged 18 or over and resident in Europe may enter the competition, with the exception of employees of the participating companies (Dole Europe GmbH, segmenta communications GmbH) and other individuals involved in the conception and execution of the promotion, their close relatives (parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren and siblings) and members of their households.

Taking part is free of charge and independent of any goods or services purchased. Computer-generated submissions will not be accepted.
 An internet connection is required to enter. Participation in the competition is exclusively electronic using the registration form provided. Entries submitted by phone, post, fax or e-mail will not be accepted. The closing date for entries is 25 October 2019. The date of entry shall be deemed the day the entrants submit their personal data (e-mail address, first and last names, postal address). The winners will be selected by lot from those participants entitled to enter. To take part in the draw, entrants must answer the competition question correctly. Entrants can choose from three possible answers.

The grand prize is a trip for two to the Monchique Resort & Spa in Portugal, including a package containing several yoga and wellness sessions at a total value of approx. 5,000 euros. Any changes to the package by the tour operator are not the responsibility of the competition organiser, but entrants will be advised of them in advance. The trip is for two individuals only. Bookings may not be made for additional persons. The name of the companion must be stipulated when the trip is being planned. The amount provided must be used for its specified purpose, i.e. to book travel services for or at the Monchique Resort & Spa in Portugal. Winners must cover the costs of any extras they book locally (e.g. additional treatments, outings, drinks, snacks). The trip must be taken within a year, i.e. by the end of 2020. International holidays (e.g. Christmas, New Year, Easter) must not fall within the period of the trip.

The winner and his or her companion must possess the valid travel documents necessary for the trip. The winner and his or her companion must confirm that they are fit enough to travel and that they are not aware of any health-related, official or other restrictions that would prevent them from undertaking the trip.

The winner and companion should consult their relevant government or foreign office website for information on entry, security and customs requirements, and any prophylactic steps that need to be taken before the trip (e.g. vaccinations).

In addition to the grand prize, three grey MES25A0 VitaJuice juice extractors by Bosch and 15 Dole Fruit Infuser Water Bottles are being raffled off. No entrant may win more than one prize.

The prizewinners will be notified in a timely fashion via the e-mail address submitted with the competition entry. The winners must confirm receipt of this notification without delay, and in no case longer than 14 days after it arrives. A new draw will be held for the prize should they fail to do so. The prizes are not transferable. Should the prizes be subject to taxation, the entrants pledge to pay these taxes as required.

The prizes cannot be paid out in cash or converted into a voucher or gift certificate.
Dole's obligations from the competition will end when the prizes have been dispatched..

Moreover, the organisers retain the right to terminate or interrupt the competition at any time for cause and without advance notice, and to exclude individual entrants for a compelling reason. Dole shall not bear any liability for the competition or the prizes. There is no right of appeal. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.

Data privacy

The information acquired during the course of this competition will be used exclusively for the competition itself. Should it prove necessary that entrants' information must be passed on to third parties in order to run the competition and review the award of the prizes, the entrants grant their consent. Prize-winners also consent to their names (and pictures) being published without payment by the competition organisers and/or their affiliated companies and used in advertising materials about the competition. Consent on the part of the prizewinners does not include consent for use in commercials. Such consent can be retracted at any time with future effect. Any such retraction shall not impact the outcome of the competition.

Data protection declaration